Lets get off our seat and on our feet

Gary and Penny Marshall

Gary and Penny Marshall

With so many benefits to couple dancing, why sit?

Learn to dance for intellectual well-being, exercise, fun, weddings or, like Gary and Penny Marshall, for Gary’s upcoming class reunion. Gary and Penny are the ideal students who are going to impress Gary’s classmates!

Book a private dance lesson (one person or one couple) or a semi-private lesson (two or more couples) with certified instructor, Kathi Bobillot.

Choose from ballroom (foxtrot, waltz and tango), Latin (salsa, chacha, rumba, samba, mambo and merengue), swing (east coast – single and triple time and west coast), country (texas two- and 10-step and cowboy chacha) or club style (four-count, hustle and nightclub two-step) dance styles.

For more information, contact Kathi at [email protected] and 520-777-7077 or visit www.2LeftFeat.com.