Let’s all do our part to keep our course beautiful


Dave Schutt, Adopt-A-Hole Chairman

As you all know there is no outside play at Quail Creek Country Club from October to May. This means that the majority of unrepaired ball marks/divots and unraked bunkers are caused by members. Since we have returned from overseed, these issues are evident and will continue unless we take action.

Please show respect for each other and repair your pitch mark on the green as well as a few more. If you come across an unraked bunker, even if you are not in it, show some respect and rake the bunker. You know how you feel when you see your ball in someone’s footprint in a bunker. Please keep your sand bottle filled and use it to fill the unrepaired fairway divots. Not a bad idea to take that sand bottle to the tee box and fill in any divots there.

Below is a YouTube video provided by the USGA regarding repair of ball marks on the green for your review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myOTf1wuZoa

When taking refreshments out on the course, please make sure that the wrapper, cup, etc. is placed in a trash container and does not blow out of your cart for someone else to pick up. Smokers, please do not leave any unused portion of your tobacco product (including filters) on the course. If you field strip a cigarette, please discard the filter in a waste container. There are waste containers on every tee box, please make use of them when needed.

With the upcoming increased play we should all do what we can to keep the course in good shape. It shows respect for your fellow golfers and pride in your course.