Former Grill employee builds her coffee dream

Anna Perreira inspects the coffee crop with Lorving Calderon at Mi Tazita Coffee Farm in Honduras.

Anna Perreira inspects the coffee crop with Lorving Calderon at Mi Tazita Coffee Farm in Honduras.

Diane Quinn

Quail Creek residents who love their coffee are glad Anna Perreira left her job in New York City to start Yellow Brick Coffee. After leaving New York and spending time learning coffee roasting from some of the finest roasters in San Francisco, Anna took up temporary residence with her mother and stepfather, Diane and Jon Quinn, Quail Creek residents since 2010. Building the business and roasting coffee on a small scale, Anna began working as a part-time server in the Quail Creek Grill and Oasis Lounge in 2012. Her commitment to customer service was a great match for the Quail Creek environment, and she became a popular part of the Food and Beverage team. All the while she continued to pursue her passion for finding the best specialty coffees from around the world to feature as a Yellow Brick coffee.

As the wholesale coffee business grew, Anna made the decision to leave Quail Creek and relocate to Tucson. Fortunately the Madera Clubhouse Coffee Shop became one of Yellow Brick’s customers, and Quail Creek residents could understand why the popular server had left to follow her dream. Every time she returns to Quail Creek she is greeted with hugs and warm wishes for the success of her business.

Since leaving Quail Creek, Anna has traveled to the origin of some of the coffees that are now featured by her business. She has also become active in the Tucson food scene, collaborating with restaurants and breweries to help people have great experiences with coffee.

In 2014 Anna’s brother, David, joined the company as their first coffee shop was opened at 3220 S. Dodge Blvd. in Tucson. Today the company includes the wholesale roastery, a coffee shop, monthly roasting and cupping classes and a growing coffee subscription service. For more information about Anna’s latest travels and Yellow Brick Coffee’s future growth go to