Learn to make cacti containers on May 21


JoAnn Haberer

This month, The Women of Quail Creek will offer a presentation by Kathy Stone and Francesca Moses-Schelenski on creating cacti containers. The program, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Cacti Container Planting” will focus on basic components including pot selection, soil, tools, fertilizer, as well as designing and caring for cacti. Special emphasis will include choosing the right type of cactus, and the requirements of each type. Audience members will be chosen to participate in a live demonstration of creating a cacti arrangement and a finished container will be given away at the program.

Kathy is a Master Gardener from Missouri and she and Francesca are both members of Green Valley Gardeners. They’ve spent over a decade in Green Valley learning all about cacti and other native Southwest plants and then putting that knowledge to work in creating desertscapes—their description of the cacti and succulent containers they’re known for. Through trial and error, they’ve learned much about what works and doesn’t work in our local climate.

Ten years ago, they started Earth Angels, a business which creates designer-quality annual, perennial and succulent container gardens and also consults on outdoor container design for courtyards and patios. A few years ago, Kathy got the pottery bug and now crafts one-of-a-kind containers for many of the cacti creations produced by Earth Angels.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from these two accomplished women on how to create a beautiful addition to your own garden or patio!