Lady Putters Keep Scoring Holes-in-One

Peggy McGee

As the Lady Putters ended the hottest part of the summer season on the temporary putting green, they continued to excel in their accuracy of getting the ball in the hole with a single stroke. Each time a lady scores five holes-in-one during a single putting session, she becomes eligible for a special pin, which most proudly wear on their hats or visors. But no matter how many times they achieve this distinction during the calendar year, they only get one pin.

Scoring five holes-in-one in late August and early September were Betty Levato, Frannie Vanselow, Jackie Coombs, Judy McKinley, and Randi Kauppi.

Yoshie Hennessey got five holes-in-one on two different occasions.

Carol Sheppard hit six holes-in-one and Jeanette Jarmin, Kathy Guy, Patti Baker, Teri Porisch, Randi Kauppi, and Sharon Schoen each managed to get seven.

On two dates, Kim France scored seven holes-in-one and Sharon Schoen was the top scorer with eight.

During the reporting periods, there were two money hole winners, with the money hole considered to be the most difficult on the course on a particular day. Ellen Entwistle and Linda Carver each went home $5 richer!

When putting resumes on the regular putting green on Oct. 6, winter hours will be in effect. Sign-in begins at 9:30 a.m. and putting starts promptly at 10 a.m. There is a $1 greens fee each time one putts. All Quail Creek ladies, both owners and renters, are eligible to join. Dues are $20 per year. Those joining now will have their dues paid through December 31, 2022.