Lady Putters Do More than Putt

Peggy McGee

When is a good time to join the Lady Putters? Any Wednesday morning, is the correct answer. Year round the ladies gather on the back patio of the clubhouse for a round of putting. From late October until the end of May, they start arriving for check-in at 9:15 a.m., and from May through October when the warmer weather arrives, they gather at 7:45 a.m. with putting beginning at 8:30 a.m.

Before a putting session can begin, a team of two ladies, oftentimes a veteran putter, along with a relatively new member, sets up the green for the day’s event. It is their job to ensure that the flag designating the hole number is facing that hole. Their biggest challenge comes when deciding where to place the starting flag to try to make sure that balls directed at different holes do not cross paths. Are they always successful at this? Alas, no. Even on a putting green there is an occasional errant ball. The set-up team also gets to choose the money hole, the one considered most difficult. Whoever scores a hole-in-one on this hole goes home $5 richer.

Welcoming Putters each week, are the treasurer who collects the $1 greens fee and membership chair, that ensures each lady gets credit for attending. From there the ladies move to the scorecard area, to choose a chip that determines their team number for the day. Depending on how many ladies are on each team, putting takes between 45 minutes in the summer to about 75 minutes when the weather is more moderate.

Every six weeks, the ladies gather for a brunch or luncheon depending on the season. The statistician has compiled the putting results for the previous six weeks, and winners are announced. All those who attend the meal and who have putted the requisite number of times (usually four out of six) are awarded a Quail Creek gift card. The value of the card depends on how many have putted during the reporting period.

Each year, the Putters host two special events: Battle of the Sexes, when they play against their spouse/significant other, and Moonlight Madness, when they putt under the light of the silvery moon.

Beyond the fun and camaraderie that putting affords, over the years the ladies have gone beyond the green to help others. Twice a year, they contribute groceries and cash for the Green Valley Food Bank. They donate toiletries and calendars for the homeless veterans who go to the VA for showers and do laundry. At the special events they hold raffles with the proceeds going to a local charity like Women Warriors or one of the Food Banks. Their biggest charitable endeavor comes when they partner with the two other ladies golf groups, and sponsor a tournament that supports local charities. Each year since they began this event that is held around Halloween they have raised over $12K, that is shared among the four charities. Consider joining a fun group with a big heart.