Kettlebell Swing Challenge

The HIIT class gladly accepted the challenge to swing the kettlebells. Pictured (left to right) are Jim Cavagnaro, Dr. Laura McMurtry (instructor), Joe Butler, Jill Earl, Raelene Reilly, Mike Downs, Gene Merrithew, Marilyn Heger, and Janet Byron. (Photo by Peggy McGee)

Peggy McGee

When the American Cancer Society (ACS) announced its Kettlebell Swing Challenge to take place in July, Quail Creek’s HIIT instructor Laura McMurtry, PharmD, signed up to raise money for the ACS. The challenge: swing a kettlebell from between your legs to over your head 50 times, ideally without stopping. She told her students about the fundraiser, and they enthusiastically agreed to accept the challenge.

Now, members of the group grab their kettlebells when they show up for class and swing away until they reach 50. The participants can choose the weight they can handle without injuring themselves. What a fun way to help a good cause and get rid of “chicken wings,” too, said one of the ladies in the group.