An interview with QC Ballroom Dance Club president

Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis

It’s going to be an exciting dance season. We have some great bands and the dinner/dance themes will allow our Chef and culinary staff an opportunity to present some amazing dinners.

How long have you been members and how did you get involved in the QCBDC?

We came as guests to our first ballroom dance about eight years ago. My wife Justine wanted to attend so I went along with the idea. The folks I knew who were members raved about the menus and the opportunity to experience some great music.

Had you or Justine ever ballroom danced before?

Absolutely not. I was known more for my James Brown style of dancing! However, we were able to take a dance lesson (basic foxtrot and waltz) here at Quail Creek prior to the first dance. That was enough to get us started.

What did you think of your first dinner/dance?

Frankly, I was truly amazed at the entire evening. The ballroom was decorated better than anything I had experienced before at Quail Creek. The orchestra was fantastic and played a nice variety of music. Not everyone who attended was an expert dancer. Some just danced a traditional slow dance. But I appreciated the ladies in formal dresses and the men in suits or tuxes. It sold me on the idea of wanting to be regular members.

What do you see for the future of the QCBDC?

We have had some good suggestions from the membership and guests. Last season we opened up a guest opportunity whereby QC residents can come as guests for one dinner/dance. We will continue that opportunity this dance season. We will also identify the band’s song list to ensure that appropriate dance styles are played for all three sets. In addition, we will be looking for new bands for the following dance season to add some variety to the music.

Another suggestion was to identify one dance of the 2014/2015 Season to recognize our Quail Creek Patriots allowing all former military members to wear miniature medals and ribbons on their suit, tux or gown.

Do you have any other comments?

The QCBDC has provided elegant, romantic evenings for my wife and me for many years. We don’t have to drive long distances to enjoy the sophistication of a wonderful dance evening. We have members who have been with us from the club’s inception. The elegance of the room, the phenomenal dinners, the opportunity to dance to a live orchestra and the ability to share all of this with some truly great people is something I look forward to all year long.

The QCBDC invites residents to join the club or renew their memberships. Annual membership dues cover the member’s choice of three or four exclusive dinner/dances from December through March each year. To join the club and experience these special evenings contact Membership Chair Justine Lewis at [email protected], phone 399-4646 or visit the club’s website at