In the Beginning

Paul Riggins


Without words there would be no Book of Life


My writing is, perhaps, one of the great passions and joys of my life. I have been writing poetry for nearly 65 years. Unfortunately, many of my words go unread and unheard. True, I keep many of my words to myself, in my heart. Now, at 80 years of life, it is time to share.

I have been told on many occasions that words do not matter; it is actions that count. What makes a difference are my actions. Actions do speak louder than words, however, thoughts are words as well. Can anyone read my mind? Does anyone know what resides in my heart? Intentions come before actions and intentions are defined by words. My words, to me, are sacred. They define me; they express me, and they convey me. They come first and they will be seen after me.

The words that I write on the pages of this book of life represent all of the above outcomes and intentions in my life. In my mind, they are sacred because they flow from my heart. Take that to mean anything that you wish, but do not underestimate the power of the words. Words hold the gift and power of forever. Think about it. Without words, there would be nothing to define us or our experiences and feelings. If thoughts and feelings are never written down, they will, most certainly, be forgotten. Can you imagine a world without words? Silence, enough said … it is time.

Ever present

Always patient

Teaching me to care

Showing me how to cry

Never leaving

Always returning

Teaching me to share

Showing me how to love

Forever there

Always singing

Teaching me to trust

Showing me how to fly

—February, 2020