In My Kitchen Returns with Three Great Courses!

Italy kitchen (photo by Pam Hartwell-James)

Hosted by Maureen Brealey (photo by Pam Hartwell-James)

The lucky ladies who attended (photo by Pam Hartwell-James)

Jane Gold

The Women Of Quail Creek (TWOQC) started the new year with three very different kitchen demonstrations.

On Jan. 27 seven TWOQC members grilled salmon, roasted peppers, and served wonderfully flavor-filled Family Favorite Salmon Chowder, with the help of hostess Maureen Brealey, in 30 minutes! In addition, they made Grandpa’s Corn Muffins to accompany the chowder.

On Feb. 13 seven TWOQC members made sausage ragu and potato gnocchi at the home of Joy Richardson.

The next day, Feb. 14, seven TWOQC members watched a demonstration of a decadent chocolate Valentine’s Day dessert at the home of Tessie Hagerich. They enjoyed the beautiful presentation of this scrumptious dessert!

TWOQC members can access the recipes for In My Kitchen events on the TWOQC Groupworks page.