Hole In One

Third Time’s a Charm!

Sonia Heeren

Janet B. Johnson

On Thursday, July 13, QCLGA League Day, Sonia Heeren had her third hole-in-one on Coyote number 8. She used her 9 wood. Roz Harrison and Michele Gazica got to witness this high-flying golf ball hit the green and go sailing back to the blue flag into the hole that was 140 yards away. Nice work, Sonia!

Kathy Has Her First Ace!

Kathy Thompson

Janet B. Johnson

While playing golf on The Home Course in Dupont, Wash., on Sunday, July 16, Kathy Thompson had a hole-in-one on number 14. She used her 5 Hybrid that went 122 yards to the pin. This was Kathy’s first ace! I’m sure she will be buying all her golfing pals in Quail Creek a drink when she gets back!