Ginny Hutcheson, Scratchboarder Extraordinaire

Ginny Hutcheson holding two of her scratchboard pieces (photo by Emilie Ortega)

Emilie Ortega, President, QCFAPC

Have you ever ridden a horse to school? She has. Have you ever logged flight time in a small aircraft while learning to fly? She has. Have you ever tried to finish an oil painting while going into labor? She has. Have you ever drawn something in your journal for 365 days straight? She has. And so we have a very small glimpse of this exceptional woman who has spent many years drawing and perfecting her skills.

Ginny Hutcheson moved to Quail Creek in 2006 to retire with her husband in this warm habitat we call Green Valley. She, of course, continued her painting in oil and her drawing, using several mediums.

In 2015 a scratchboard artist named Paul Hopman was a guest speaker at one of the QC Fine Arts Painting Club (QCFAPC)  meetings and did a demonstration. Later, he came back and did a class where Ginny did her first scratchboard piece. However, in 2016 she visited the Art Institute in Tucson to view the exhibit of art presented by the International Society of Scratchboard Artists. It took her breath away, especially one scratchboard of an otter with a fish in its mouth. She knew she had to find out more about this incredible art form and felt in her heart she had finally found her medium. Now, every year, Ginny takes a class from Master Artist Cathy Sheeter at the Art Institute to increase her knowledge and skills. Of course, Ginny teaches several Scratchboard classes here in our Creative Arts & Technology Center building every year.

I mentioned earlier that Ginny drew something every day for one year. It’s true. I was lucky enough to view her journal and, indeed, there are 365 drawings in her journal. I asked, “Why did you do this?” Well, in 2018 she felt her drawing skills were not good enough (really?), and she wanted to improve them. So for 365 days, she drew and drew and drew, sometimes at her kitchen counter at 11 p.m., trying to perfect her skills.

Many subjects were included in this year-long drawing marathon, but the results were improvements and a strong sense of satisfaction of having finished something she set out to accomplish.

You know, by pure self-determination, this woman improved her drawing skills, and it shows in her current scratchboard work. She is an inspiration to me and, hopefully, to all of you reading this article.

Ginny will also be teaching scratchboard to folks at La Posada this year. She was asked to do this by Judy McCormick, former president of QCFAPC. Branching out and sharing her love of scratchboard is a joy for Ginny.

Advice: Well, from Ginny’s perspective, learn to draw. No matter the medium, you will always use your drawing skills, which are the basis of your artistic foundation.

I asked her where she wanted her drawing/scratchboard journey to take her. She said that she would like to achieve the status of “signature member” of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists. I don’t know about you, but for my money, she is already there. Please take the opportunity to meet Ginny and take one of her classes. Besides the skills you will learn, you will be enchanted by her positive, happy, and encouraging personality. You can find her classes on our website If you are not yet a member, please come join us. We welcome all skill levels and look forward to meeting you.