… And Then There Were Four!

Left to right: Ryan Modesto, Cindy Nelson, Mike Wagner (official), Chris Moravchik, Steve Arendt (photo by Gloria Bible)

Gloria Bible

On Friday, April 14, 12 men and 12 women began competing in the Quail Creek Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament. One male and one female player per team were randomly assigned by computer, and team assignments changed with every match. Two matches were played on both Friday and Saturday.

Cindy Nelson, Ryan Modesto, Chris Moravchik, and Steve Arendt emerged as the players with the most wins during the tournament, thus securing their berths playing in the final match on Sunday, April 16. Although strong winds assailed contestants the first two days, the tournament’s final match was blessed with abundant sunshine, pleasant temperatures, and, thankfully, calm winds.

In a final worthy of ESPN, three days of matches all came down to two tiebreaks and the last two points. Moravchik and Arendt won the first set 6-4. The second set resulted in a tie at six games apiece, necessitating a tiebreak. Nelson and Modesto won that tiebreak 8-6. Thus, a third set would determine the tournament winners: Moravchik and Arendt claimed the title with a 10-8 tiebreak win.

Club President Rick Wade thanked tournament organizer Doug Shumway for a job well done. He also recognized Mike Wagner, club member and U.S. Tennis Association-certified official, for his services and expertise in officiating the match and imparting a professional air to the tournament.

Congratulations to teammates Chris Moravchik and Steve Arendt, tournament finalists, and teammates Cindy Nelson and Ryan Modesto, tournament runners-up. Thanks to them, club members and spectators were entertained with a thrilling and most enjoyable match.