Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary Annual Fall Fundraiser

Rescued mare Angelique is “Kicking Up Her Heels” for the Equine Voices Fall Fundraiser. (Photo by Patty Ferguson, Green Valley Camera Club)

Diane Russell, Equine Voices Event Publicity Coordinator, Volunteer

Located at the end of a quiet country road just south of Green Valley is a place of refuge, healing, and love. The place is Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary. They are celebrating 19 years of equine (horses, burros, and mules) rescue. Over the years, Equine Voices has provided a home for equines in need of food, shelter, veterinary and farrier care, and, most important, love. They have rescued hundreds of equines who were abandoned, abused, or used in drug smuggling or in the production of the drug Premarin. Lately, they have taken in equines whose owners could no longer take care of them due to physical, financial, or other issues. These owner-surrenders often are older equines and many have physical issues associated with aging, e.g., arthritis, requiring additional veterinary care and supplements, as well as senior feed. Today, Equine Voices has grown to 25 acres and is home to 51 horses, six burros, and three mules. The herd ranges in age from 4 to 31 years, with almost 50% being seniors, i.e., over age 20, which is about 60 in human years!

This year’s Fall Fundraiser is titled “Kick Up Your Heels”—Dance for the Horses. With monthly operational costs of $55,000, their annual fundraiser is very important. This year, the event will be held on Sunday, Oct. 22, from 1 to 6 p.m. under the tent at the Longhorn Grill & Saloon in Amado. Live music will be provided by premier country music artist Bobby Joe Bell and his band out of Phoenix. There will also be a three-course meal, a silent auction, and a live auction conducted by Subyn Novelle. All profits will go to hay, feed, senior pellets, and supplements. Guests are encouraged to wear their best Western outfits and practice their line and country dancing skills! For information, go to www.equinevoices.org/kickupyourheels or call 520-398-2814.