Don’t let sales people inside your home

Joyce-CA Webb

A recent alert from the Pima County Sheriff Department’s Burglary Unit comes with a warning not to allow door-to-door salespeople into your home to sell magazine subscriptions—or anything else.

The scammers attempt to use emotional ploys, such as fundraisers for a good cause or high pressure tactics to get you to purchase an extended subscription for years longer than you had intended.

The salesperson says you cannot cancel your subscription, but that’s not true. By law you have three days to cancel any order.

The fraudsters have become bolder. Feigning friendship, they will try to gain access to your home to steal your valuables by saying they need a drink or to use your bathroom. Because they are so friendly and are working for a good cause, they will gain your empathy. Two separate incidences of stolen property (wallets and check books) have been reported after these salespeople have exited.

The Sheriff’s Department warns: “It is never a good idea to invite strangers into your home.”

The scammers may present themselves as needy and working for a good cause when their objective is the opposite of that. They only wish to obtain money and valuables. They have done this before and they can be in and out of your bedroom while you think they are using the restroom.

While you step into the kitchen to get them a glass of water, they can quickly find your checkbook or wallet because they know where most people keep their valuables.

Ask for the paperwork; if they want you to subscribe, tell them you will look it over, then shut the door. These are thieves. They do not deserve manners and empathy. Check to see if the information is registered with the Better Business Bureau at or call the Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce at 625-7575.

Get to know the captains of your Neighborhood Watch. Call and alert them.

If the solicitors become insistent or pushy, shut the door and call 911. Do not become a victim! Be aware and consider becoming part of your Neighborhood Watch.

Call the Pima County Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers with information about scams and frauds. To contact the Scam Squad call 351-6744 or email: [email protected]. To report suspicious activity or a particular incident of fraud call 351-4900.