Coyote Course Renovation Update

Renovation Task Force

Hope you are all safe and healthy.

Since 2015, the Renovation Task Force has been preparing the way to make improvements to our aging golf courses. The time of the Coyote renovation is upon us and will be starting very soon. We on the Task Force would like to go over some important points as we begin this renovation. The project is under contract with Wadsworth Golf Construction. As with many other industries, they face material challenges and, thus, we must be flexible to take delivery of materials when they are available to keep the project on schedule. These deliveries may also not all be on one day, but over several weeks/months. On or about March 1, Wadsworth Golf will start to get delivery of drainage and irrigation piping. These materials will be staged in the desert areas adjacent to the golf holes. The Wadsworth guys are aware of the golfers, but please allow them to also do their work. There should not be any major interference of play during this time. In addition, JR will be doing some agronomic practices on the fairways in preparation of the early removal of the ryegrass in preparation for replacing all the Bermuda grass in the fairways with an improved hybrid Bermuda grass.

On March 28 the Coyote course will be entirely closed and Wadsworth Golf will commence construction activities. We know there will be interest in people exploring what is going on, but we must ask that you remain off the golf course. Wadsworth Golf has expressed that there will be open trenches, large equipment, and materials being moved around the golf course, and for everyone’s safety, it is best if we restrict access. Our golf course architect Gary Brawley has offered to take residents on monthly tours of the golf course renovation project to allow you the opportunity to see firsthand what is going on and ask any questions of him. The first tour is scheduled for April 5 at 10 a.m., and the tour will leave from the cart staging area at the golf course.

As the Task Force, we are planning weekly updates in the What’s Happening, regular updates in the Crossing, and updates in the Saturday Course Updates. When possible, we will include some photos (including drone photos taken by Gary Brawley) of what is being done and what progress has been made.

This is an exciting time for the Quail Creek community as we continue to work together to improve the golf courses.