Coyote Course Renovation Update for April

The Renovation Task Force

Hope you are all well and healthy.

The Coyote Course was shut down on March 28 for the renovation project. As most of you are aware, a lot of preparation work has already been in progress. Welding of the main irrigation pipe and placement of that pipe around the course has been underway for a while. Layout of the new greens, bunkers, and irrigation heads is ongoing, with both of our consultants being on-site several days per week as we got going.

All irrigation mainline crossing of the community streets has been completed in advance of the irrigation mainlines reaching these points. Prior to this portion of the project, the utility companies marked their lines under the crossing areas, and the contractor potholed areas to find additional lines to hopefully avoid any unwanted damage to those lines. This has helped us expedite our installation, as these crossings can be a challenge when dealing with private streets.

All drainage and irrigation materials are now on-site. The sand and gravel for the greens and bunkers is being processed and stockpiled at the sand pit, holding for delivery, as we get a little further down the road. Contracts are in place to reserve our new sod and grass. This was important for the task force, because we did not want to commit to a project with an unknown delivery of materials that then could have potentially delayed the project. All systems go for Quail Creek.

The golf course contractor has been given access to the southwest portion of the clubhouse parking lot to stage materials and parking of their employees. They anticipate having 20 to 30 employees on-site as this project moves into high gear.

Once the course closed, work was started on Coyote 1 and 9, including complete removal and rebuilding of the greens and all new irrigation lines installed. The new bunker designs are also demarcated and ready for Better Billie liners and new sand. Turf reduction and new tee boxes were also prepared.

The course architect, Gary Brawley, began his monthly escorted community tour for Quail Creek residents who want to see the progression and extent of the renovation project. The first tour was April 5 at 10 a.m. starting at the Pro Shop. The tour was brief, as the project had just begun, and the only work being done was on holes 1 and 9. Bring your own golf cart for these tours. These are excellent opportunities for obtaining knowledge of the project, and Gary will answer questions as well. These guided tours by Gary will be held on the first Tuesday of every month and start at 10 a.m. at the Pro Shop and last less than two hours.

Please understand that the Coyote Course will have workers on it from dawn to dusk and will be closed to all traffic (by cart, foot, bicycle, or roller skates) for 24 hours daily, seven days a week. There will be plenty of open trenches, holes, equipment, and other construction materials and too many chances for personal injury. It will be dangerous out there. Signs are posted at entry sites of the course. However, there should not be any residents on the course (other than task force members) at any time, anywhere.