Couples Golf Association 2021 News

Left to right: Bobbi Jo Rathvon, Jay Thompson, Pam Coulter, Connie Hiles, and Dena Knox

Left to right: Bobbi Jo Rathvon, Jay Thompson, Pam Coulter, Connie Hiles, and Dena Knox

Janet Johnson

Time for introductions! Our new and returning Quail Creek Couples Golf Association (QCCLA) board members are Jay Thompson, president; Dena Knox, secretary; Pam Coulter, treasurer; Bobbi Jo Rathvon, tournament chairperson; and Connie Hiles, tournament co-chairperson. Our first fun and exciting tournament was on Jan. 15. All of our events are played on the third Friday of each month with flighted winning payouts. We plan various golf formats of play each month to mix it up and enjoy different challenges. Annual membership dues per couple are $10, and each event has an $11 per couple entry fee to cover flight payouts. We have planned a two-day flighted couples championship event in November mainly paid for by our annual dues. Recently, we started a monthly “2nd Chance Winners” drawing for a free $25 Robson gift card awarded to non-winners only! We welcome any Quail Creek resident with an updated GHIN handicap acquired through one of our existing Quail Creek golf associations. If you do not have a spouse who plays, you are welcome to find a partner and play as a couple. We strive for courteous and cordial golf experiences whereby members can play with, and get to know, other neighboring couples. In the past, we have had luncheons immediately following playdays and hope that in the future we will be able to continue that practice. Any questions, contact Jay Thompson at [email protected].

QCCLA 2-person Stableford Results Jan. 15

Flight 1 Gross

1st: Rathvon, Bobbi Jo and Rathvon, Greg 31

2nd: Dinnocenti, Greg and Dinnocenti, Sandy 29


1st: Johnson, Charlie and Johnson, Janet 40

2nd: Whitehead, Greg and Sung, Whitehead 39

Flight 2 Gross

1st Thompson, Jay and Thompson, Kathy 30

2nd Erickson, Dave and Owens, Jacquie 29


1st tie Busch, Ray and Cook, Marie 39

1st tie Allred, Brenda and Allred, Jay 39

1st tie McCune, Doug and McCune, Susan 39

Flight 3 Gross

1st Chambers, Dave and Greiter, Christie 28

2nd Prokosch, Marsha and Prokosch, Wilson 25


1st tie Harmon, Elza and Harmon, Patty 37

1st tie Harrison, Roz and Harrison, Ted 37

Flight 4 Gross

1st Coulter, Bob and Coulter, Pam 29

2nd Fox, Julia and Fox, Mike 26


1st Morgan, Bonnie and Morgan, Richard 44

2nd Tillapaugh, Pat and Tillapaugh, Ron 39

Flight 5 Gross

1st Hamman, Lynn and Hamman, Randy 26

2nd Bisping, Jerry and Bisping, Sharon 24


1st Kuehn, Brian and Kuehn, Susan 41

2nd O’Brien, Phyllis and O’Brien, Chris 39