Chip in for Charity a Win for Charities and Putters

Reps from Parkinson’s Support Group (photo by Peggy McGee)

Peggy McGee

Because so many Lady Putters are also members of one of the other ladies’ golf groups, there were only 16 members who putted for the Chip in for Charity event on Nov. 9. The four charities, Hands of a Friend/Genesis House, Parkinson’s Support Group, Sahuarita Food Bank, and Valley Assistance Services, each received more than $3,000 in donations during the luncheon, so they were the true winners at the event. However, some of the Putters did get to take home some cash. With only two ladies on each team, they got through the 18 holes in record time!

The lowest team score was tied, with both teams getting a 75. Shari Cerrone and Betsy Martin and Carol Sheppard and Donna Romero each received $12.50. Susan Schaefer scored three holes-in-one and earned $10 for the achievement.

Instead of the typical floral centerpieces, the golfers arranged canned goods on each table, which gave the food bank a bonus at the end of the event. The canned goods filled two large wheeled totes with non-perishable foods.