Beautiful golf outing on a great day for the QCLGA 18-Hole Club

Golfers took an outing to Tubac for the QCLGA.

Terri Erickson

On Thursday, September 20 the course was closed at Quail Creek due to over-seeding. So, our pro, Joel Jaress, put together a golf outing at Tubac for the QCLGA, the 18-Hole Club.

The weather the night before was a raging rain storm with lots of flooded streets so the event looked like it may have to be cancelled. But 11 women plus Joel persevered and showed up early Thursday morning.

As it turned out, the weather was great, cooler than usual and the course conditions were good. So off they went with three foursomes and later lunch. The club is grateful to Joel for putting together the fun event!