Barking Dogs: Helpgul Tip

Quail Creek Property Owners Association

With the temperatures cooling down and more people opening their windows to enjoy the weather, the topic of barking dogs was recently brought to our attention. We don’t know if this is a problem throughout the community or just in a specific area. This communication is meant to offer some ideas/suggestions for anyone in a situation with a neighbor who has a barking dog.

1. Prior to submitting a complaint to member services, we ask that you have a friendly conversation with your neighbors about how their barking dog is affecting your life. Ask them to take the steps necessary to get the barking under control. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with them, try to leave a note on their door. There is a good chance the dog owner is unaware of the issue.

2. Ask yourself what constitutes a nuisance. Does a bark or two really disrupt your life or is this a constant, repetitive problem that is affecting the use and enjoyment of your home?

3. If the neighborly approach doesn’t work, report the barking nuisance to Member Services. Please make sure to log the dates and times the barking was out of control and include this in your complaint. Forms can also be found on the Quail Creek website under  “QC Info,” “Forms,” and then “Homeowner Complaint.” Understand that the covenant enforcement process in an HOA takes time. Typically, an initial letter will go to the offending homeowners outlining the problem and asking them to get their barking dog under control. If the homeowners don’t remedy the problem, generally a second letter will be sent to them. In some cases, this letter will inform the homeowner of a possible fine for failing to take action. However, before a fine can be levied, the homeowners must have notice and opportunity for a hearing. The hearing, otherwise known as the appeal process, is provided to the recipient under Arizona State law.

We hope you found this friendly tip helpful.