Athletic Club Updates

Don Beaver, Director of Fitness

Hello to all QC residents from the Anza Athletic Club. Despite the seasonal slowing down of activity during the summer, your athletic facilities and services were constantly being addressed, as identified below:

Anza Athletic Center

* Approximately 100 group exercise classes are offered each and every month that identify with attendees of all ages as well as varying degrees of fitness levels. See related article regarding the September Group Class Attendance Challenge.

* Two new and highly qualified yoga instructors, Gail Johnson and Marianela Palazuelos, for classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, were recently added to our expertly trained and certified cadre of fitness instructors.

* A digital clock was installed in the gym in response to residents who prefer their own high intensity interval training in the gymnasium.


* During the month of May, the entire aquatics facility received a facelift, including a new gunite surface on the lap pool. Simultaneously, the outdoor showers were rebuilt, the entire pool deck was stripped and re-painted, all exterior aquatics structures were painted, the lap lane lines were replaced, and a lap lane clock was installed. In short, the entire aquatics facility stands “at the ready” to provide residents and their guests a superior experience!

* New outdoor furniture for the pool, bocce, and tennis areas was ordered, but due to supply chain issues, will not be delivered until at least October. There are no solid plans at this time for how the older furniture will be disposed of.


* QC has seven AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) positioned throughout the Quail Creek property. Recently, 18 key QC staff members were either certified or re-certified in AED/CPR training, and that is in addition to the number of employees who were already certified.

Your overall health/fitness, quality of aquatics activity, and personal safety are top priorities at Quail Creek Country Club!