Anza Athletic Club Schedule of Classes

Schedule subject to changeCheck Anza or the website

Nov. 15 through Dec. 14, 2023—Note: Most classes are 55 minutes in length.

CLASS                DAY/TIME        LOCATION        INSTRUCTOR

Body Blast        T,TH 10 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Lorraine Beaver

Classic Fitness        T,TH 11 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Lois Bossert

Fit & Strong        T,TH 8 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Mari Palazuelos

Gentle Yoga        SA 9:15 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Gail Johnson

Gentle Yoga Stretch        F,SA 8 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Mark Mandel

Hatha Yoga        M,W 8 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Todd Combs

HIIT Fit        T,TH 7 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Laura McMurtry

Karate        M 4:15 p.m., T 4 p.m., TH 5 p.m., F 2 p.m.        Cholla Studio        Stan Herum

Mat Pilates        M,W,F 10 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Carla Espinosa

Senior Strength & Balance        T,TH 3 p.m.        Cholla Studio        Todd Combs

SilverSneakers        T,TH noon        Cholla Studio        Lois Bossert

Sports Conditioning        M,W 3 p.m.        Cholla Studio        Lorraine Beaver

Total Body Workout        M,W 9 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Lois Bossert

Vinyasa Yoga        M,W 11:15 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Mari Palazuelos

Yoga for Men        TH 4 p.m.        Cholla Studio        Todd Combs

Zumba        T,TH,F 9 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Mae Weravetz