Anza Athletic Club announces new personal fitness trainer


Cindy Mayhle, Fitness Director

Anza is proud to announce the addition of a personal fitness trainer, Marissa Moors. After completing her personal trainer certification, she joins Bridget Lehmann in providing residents with fitness, nutritional and functional guidance to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Marissa has been involved in fitness and athletics throughout her life. She loves being active in triathlons, swimming, cycling, mountain biking, boxing and cross fit training. She is passionate about helping others incorporate fitness, nutritional and functional habits to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Marissa challenges her clients to see the strength in themselves and push to new levels. No matter what stage of fitness, she creates a personal workout tailored to her client’s individual goals. Marissa believes that when we change our mind, we are then able to change our body, which ultimately changes our life forever!

Marissa is ISSA certified in fitness training and is also professionally certified in Insanity, Boxing and Kickboxing training.

Marissa is at the fitness center daily. Appointments can be made directly with her by email at [email protected] or by phone at 520-269-0546.