A Special Day Celebrating Our Moms!

Pam Hartwell-James, Marjie Williams, Joy Richardson, Linda Hauschild, Patricia Fina Weaver, Jean Tittle, Myra McCune, Diane Aitken (photo by Jim James)

Pam Hartwell-James

May is the month we celebrate all moms everywhere, and The Women of Quail Creek small group In My Kitchen did just that on May 8! The hostesses were Marjie Williams and Pam Hartwell-James.

The menu included delicate mint-cucumber sandwiches, chicken and strawberry sandwiches, and a fresh fruit salad with homemade citrus dressing. Dessert was a homemade blueberry/raspberry tart along with a chocolate fudge pudding.

There’s no such thing as too much sweetness when it comes to moms, so Pam wrote and read a Mother’s Day poem to start off the afternoon’s event. What made it particularly special was that each attendee brought a picture of her mom, or someone important in her life, to share with the group. Now that’s a royal celebration all moms would enjoy!