A Rumor is Going Around Quail Creek!

Dodie Prescott

Actually, the fact is that the Performing Arts Guild (PAG) will be putting Rumors on the ballroom stage this coming April. This hilarious play written by the clever and witty playwright, Neil Simon, will be coming to you on April 9, 10, and 11. By the time of this publication, the cast will be set and much more information will be available. Tickets should go on sale mid-February and will be just $17.50 each with “cabaret” style seating of up to eight seats at each table. Watch for details in What’s Happening messages.

This fast moving and totally amusing play is just as likely to sell out as did last spring’s 4 Weddings and an Elvis. So, prepare your friends to snag a table early and enjoy the continuing efforts of PAG to make you laugh and entertain you.