Quail Creek Library Volunteers Annual Meeting 2019

Susan Warburton, Co-chair of the QC Library volunteers.

Susan Warburton, Co-chair of the QC Library volunteers.

Mary Smith

The Quail Creek Library may have the highest circulation of any library in Green Valley, but we’ll never know. There is no check-out system, no cataloging of books, no bar codes, and no late fees. The Quail Creek Library, located in the Madera Clubhouse, continues to be on an honor system. You take a book off the shelf and then return it in a timely fashion so that other residents can enjoy it. It is free and open to all residents.

Nancy Forester, a long-time volunteer and member of the management team, and a former librarian, has only praise for our “customized and unique” library, “The Quail Creek Library is really exceptional.” It is proud of its status as a true lending library, which relies on contributions from Quail Creek residents.

The library accepts all donations from books, magazines, DVDs, audiobooks, jigsaw puzzles, and games. Many items are shelved in the cupboards. With limited space the books retained only go back to a publication date of 2015.

Older items are donated to places like the Veterans Hospital and the White Elephant. Phil Geddes, who goes through all the donations to our library, is proud of the many books for which he has found homes. Phil calculated that a total of 6341 items were distributed to the greater Tucson area in 2019. Larry Thomson uses a similar procedure with all the magazines that arrive in the library.

However, the Quail Creek Library would not exist without the volunteers who shelve items daily. They held their annual meeting on Dec. 3, reporting on the operation of the library during the past year, and discussing its future goals and changes that will take place. Management team members who provide general back-up include: Susan Warburton, Mary Smith, Joan Stoddart, Larry Thomson, Phil Geddes, Nancy Forester, Dianne Thomson, Irene Helli, Lori Klug, and Vicki Workman. If you want to become a volunteer or have any questions, please contact Mary Smith, 520-347-6022.