Who doesn’t like a good murder mystery?

The Stolen Copper Caper tickets sold like hot cakes before Christmas. More than half were purchased in the first week. Tables of up to eight were offered at $29 per seat. This includes the show, tax, gratuity and two-course meal.

A group of seniors decide that they need to supplement their Social Security by stealing all the copper from nearby Pima Mine! Things inevitably go wrong but, in the meantime, they perform eight well-known musical numbers. You might recall past shows such as Desperate Housewives of Sahuarita and Don’t Cry for me Arivaca. This latest show is likely to make you laugh (and yes, groan) just as much.

For more details than you can imagine, go to the Quail Creek HOA website and look them up on showare.com. That is where tickets can be purchased or at the Concierge Desk. Hopefully, you can still find seats, all of which provide a great view; the partition will be closed to make the evening more intimate. Show dates are Tuesday through Thursday, February 5, 6 and 7.