Update on the Madera Clubhouse Library

Longtime donations coordinator Phil Geddes at the audio book-DVD movie carousel

Longtime donations coordinator Phil Geddes at the audio book-DVD movie carousel

At the annual meeting in December, library volunteers approved purchasing an additional carousel for displaying audio books and DVD movies. The carousel that was added during 2016 proved to be very popular and filled up quickly, necessitating purchase of an additional unit with funds made available by the POA.

Dawn Bangs, who served as chair in 2016 and introduced several changes, was re-elected to continue in 2017. For example, she added identification labels on shelves to help library users more easily find the materials they are looking for. And non-fiction books are now labeled more specifically – e.g., history, biography, etc.

As usual, most of the volunteers who worked in the library during 2016 have signed up to continue their service in 2017. The community owes a big thank you to these residents, many of whom have served several years and some for more than 10 years! They are Marilyn Ashman, Linda Cassidy, Sharon Corcoran, Sheila Corcoran-Perry, Bill and Carole Conley, Lee Crombie, Dawn Bankgs, Gail Garrison, Phil Geddes, Laura Geyer, Nona and Carol Grinolds, Susan Haring, Irene Hellie, Jeane Hostetler, Jean Iannacchino, Lori Klug, Muriel Larson, Joanna Miller, Gwen Mowat, Kay Perkins, Dodie Prescott, Jean Rader, Terry Ramsbottom, Pam Sadtler, Joanne Scott, Marcia Sherburn, Cathy Stevens, Linda Taylor, Yoko Takiyama, Dianne and Larry Thomson, Carolyn Tollefson, Susan Warburton and Vicki Workman.

The popularity of puzzles keeps growing. Some puzzles are now displayed on an open shelf, with more stored in the cabinets below the puzzle display. Only the most recent are retained so that the supply is kept fresh for puzzle enthusiasts.

To maintain a pleasing appearance, only hardback books are stored on open shelves, with paperbacks shelved behind cabinet doors beneath the open shelves.

Because shelf space is limited, only relatively current copyright dates are retained, with older books and magazines being donated to various organizations such as the VA Hospital, VA Home, White Elephant, Animal League of Green Valley and Green Valley Library. In 2016 3762 books were donated. At present, only books published in 2010 or later are being kept.