Summer putting

Peggy McGee

When the heat of June hit, the number of ladies assembling on a Wednesday morning to putt started to decline. Then came July with not only more heat but also high humidity and the number declined even more for the weekly putting sessions. On some weeks there were only two ladies on each team which did make the time go faster in the heat.

However, there were four brave ladies, Linda Carver, Susan Kolson, Laurie Brown and Ellen Kingsbury, who decided to join the Putters during the summer. Three of the four are relatively new residents of Quail Creek. Linda and Susan reported that one of the reasons they joined was because they heard the Putters was an opportunity to meet new people. They found that the ladies they did meet were extremely friendly and willing to help coach them with their putting technique.

Newcomers are invited to try the putting experience twice before making a commitment to join, though most sign up after playing once. Dues for those who join in October will be paid through December 31, 2017. Annual dues are $15 and there is an additional $10 fee if one wishes to purchase a blue Quail Creek visor. There is a $1 weekly fee for the putting green, part of which is returned if members attend the luncheon and putt on a defined number of Wednesdays. This number is determined by how many weeks pass between luncheons.