SaddleBrooke Ranch Putters visit Quail Creek

To make the course more challenging for the SaddleBrooke Ranch visitors as well as their own members, the Lady Putters added a few obstacles for the Putters to navigate; Photo by Sylvia Butler.

From left: Nancy Galart, Heidi Mours, Jill Wibbenhorst, Sandy Getter, Kathy Weede and Vicky Godbey had the best team score of 229 when SaddleBrooke came to Quail Creek recently; Photo by Janet Wegner.

Peggy McGee

One hundred four putters gathered on the green as the Quail Creek (QC) Lady Putters welcomed their counterparts from SaddleBrooke Ranch (SB) to some friendly competition. After traveling for approximately one hour and 20 minutes, the SaddleBrooke Ranch team exited the bus and passed under an arch formed from putters.

After a buffet lunch featuring corn chowder, chili bowls and a salad, a winner from each Robson community was recognized in several categories.

Quail Creekers Julie Daines and Sally Newton tied to achieve the lowest personal score of 33 while Nancy Gallant, SB, had a 36. Members from both locations tied for the most holes-in-one with five each. Again, it was Julie Daines and Sally Newton who won that prize as did Mary Tiema, SB. Scoring a hole-in-one on the mystery hole were Martha Taylor, QC and Vicki Warning, SB.