QC Library annual meeting

Library volunteers 2018

The annual meeting of the Library Volunteers was held on Tuesday, December 4. More than 20 volunteers attended the meeting.

Discussion was held and the new ten-day schedule for 2019 was approved. The donations report showed an increase in donations out to 6000+, an increase over the previous year in donations for books, puzzles and other items. These items were in turn donated to the VA Hospital, the White Elephant and other charities. The Library Long Term Plan which had been modified was approved. Susan Warburton and Mary Smith were elected co-chairs for 2019.

Mike Taylor, General Manager, addressed the group regarding any concerns which volunteers might have regarding the library. POA Board member, Jeff Krueger, handed out the longevity awards for volunteers with five years of service or more. Recognition for the best idea and implementation went to Doug Dewitt for labeling of movies and audiobooks to improve shelving and circulation.

The library volunteers look forward to serving the Quail Creek community in the coming year.