Pro’s Corner

Jason Whitehill, Robson Golf Pro

Q. I am right-handed and my playing partners suggested that I keep my head down longer during my swing and to keep my right leg flexed during the back swing.

A. Most golfers offer the “keep your head down advice” and it should be thought of as keeping your head steady through impact. Do not keep your head down after impact as it will inhibit your finish position. As far as your back leg is concerned allow your weight to gather on it during the back swing and allow it to straighten slightly (not stiff). Use the ground as a launch pad and feel the pressure driving off your rear foot as your hips turn through to your finish position. You should be totally balanced in the final position and completely up on your rear toe with almost all your weight on the front foot.

Q. I am a newcomer to the game and want to buy a set of clubs. Any suggestions?

A. Purchase a set of clubs in the $200 to $300 range – no higher. Then take some of the money that you may have budgeted for the clubs and put it toward lessons. Many golfers who have the best in equipment have never taken a lesson and their game usually shows it.