Online voting returns!

Jim Emery, chair of the Quail Creek Property Owners Association (QCPOA) Election Committee

The 2019 QCPOA board election will, once again, use electronic voting this fall. Electronic voting is much quicker and easier than the old paper ballot method. You can access the ballot from anywhere that you can connect to the Internet and be assured of private, secret voting. Electronic voting is also a significant cost savings for the POA by not having to print ballots, envelopes, postage, and candidate information sheets to almost 2,400 homes.

Of course, there are some homeowners who do not have computers or the ability to use this technological voting method, so paper ballots are still available upon request. Over the past couple years since the inception of electronic voting, less than 17% of homeowners have opted for paper ballots, and that number continues to decline as more people learn the advantages that electronic voting offers.

Electronic voting also increases the voter participation rate among eligible homeowners. Quail Creek started using electronic voting just last year, and PebbleCreek the year before, and both experienced a substantial increase in the percentage of homeowners who participated in the election. So, it does appear to be a less expensive, simpler, and more efficient method of voting that more and more people find appealing.

For our electronic voting system to work with a minimum of inconvenience and confusion, homeowners are reminded to ensure that their current email address is on file with Robson Communities. Simply visit “My Profile” under the Member Center of the Quail Creek website to make changes. And look for more detailed voting information in the What’s Happening emails and next issue of the Quail Creek Crossing.

We sincerely appreciate the effort and commitment demonstrated by those who choose to run for office in our community as well as those who show their interest in the future of Quail Creek by taking the time to learn about the candidates and issues before casting their votes.