Northstar implementation slated to go live October 1

Daryl Laux

To ensure the very best experience for homeowners and staff, Robson Communities, Inc. delayed Northstar implementation by a month for all communities. Quail Creek was originally scheduled to go live September 1 but is now expected to go live October 1. The additional time will provide the best opportunity for success and to ensure the best experience for homeowners. New membership cards are expected to be available for distribution during the last week of September.

Our Northstar Membership Room will be open for business mid-August. The exact date will be announced in What’s Happening. The purpose of the Membership Room is to validate survey submissions for the new Northstar software, answer questions, collect waivers and, if necessary, take photographs for new member cards. We expect the Membership Room to be open throughout August and into September.

Membership Room days and hours will be announced in What’s Happening. For those residents who are working, the schedule will include hours Monday through Saturday. The location is the Mesquite Room of the Kino Conference Center. Hours will be adjusted depending on need. The Kino Conference Center is located next to the Golf Pro Shop.

If you are not in residence during the months of August and September, you will be able to validate your information upon your return. In the meantime, please complete an online survey to expedite the process. The survey can be found at

The community’s response to the need for current data for Northstar has been tremendous! We’ve received over 1400 submissions, representing more than half of our households at Quail Creek. Prior to coming to the Membership Room, please complete a survey, either online or paper. Paper surveys are available at the Anza Athletic Club and the Madera Clubhouse kiosk. This will help us to validate member data more accurately and efficiently.

The Membership Room will be staffed by POA employees who will do the following:

• Answer questions about the Northstar business system

• Validate data already submitted online or on a paper form and make any updates or corrections

• Provide member card charging privileges forms for those who don’t already have them on file

• Sign new waiver forms for Anza Athletic and Sports Courts (Tennis and Pickleball)

• Re-take photos as necessary or, when no photo exists, take photos for new member cards

We will have a sign-in sheet at the Membership Room and will try to expedite the process as much as possible. If you arrive at the Membership Room and there is a crowd, please be patient. You may choose to sign in and wait or return another day or time. Thank you for understanding!

Thank you for the great response to our survey! We look forward to meeting you in the Membership Room if we can be of any help.

For questions, please contact one of the on-site coordinators for the Northstar project:

• Daryl Laux, Webmaster/Editor of What’s Happening – [email protected]

• Cindy Mayhle, Anza Athletic Club Director – [email protected]

• Debbie Deptula, Admin Assistant – [email protected]