Exciting news from Quail Creek Women’s Bible Study

Debbie Sinner Carr

The Quail Creek Women’s Bible Study has been blessed over the years, 18 to be exact, with wonderful women of God.

One of the oldest clubs in Quail Creek, the Bible study has been a source of comfort and joy for the women of Quail Creek since 2001. Meeting in the old library, the first group of 30 were led by Cheryl Jennings, Pat Hartwell, Terri Erickson, and MaryLynne Brunner. Kay Robinson and Joanne Spencer took over leadership duties in 2012 and added Bernice James and Pam McFall in 2013. Our member of note is Ruth McDermott, an original member who is still active in the group. We thank these faithful women for keeping the group a priority.

They get a break as we transition to new facilitators for the busy winter season. The new facilitators are Brenda Jones who comes to us from Denton, TX. Jane Herum hails from Grass Valley, CA, and Janice Foster is also a new facilitator. Administration duties are handled by Debbie Carr, a new resident from Redding, CA.

If you have questions about the group please contact Debbie at debray33@gmail.com or 530-209-1685.

Beginning Oct. 2, the Quail Creek Women’s Bible Study will begin a new study using Max Lucado’s book Anxious for Nothing. The book and study guide are available on Amazon and other book retailers. You are encouraged to get the books but it is not a requirement. We meet in the Silver Room on Tuesdays, from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.