Change in Quail Creek Source Book™ delivery

Robson Publishing

The delivery of the 2016/2017 Quail Creek Source Books will be different from years prior. In the past, homeowners were notified via What’s Happening that the books had arrived and to make their way to the Concierge Desk at the clubhouse to retrieve their copy.

This year, we will try something a bit different for Quail Creek, but modeled after the source book delivery system successfully utilized at other Robson communities. The goal is to ensure every household gets a copy of the Source Book.

The Unit Rep Committee will hand-deliver Source Books to each home in their respective units. Knowing some may not wish to or are unable to participate; a core of Unit Rep volunteers has come forward to make sure all homes/units are covered.

Although there are still some logistics to work through, the Quail Creek Unit Rep chair is confident they can work them all out, especially with the help of a similar delivery group from PebbleCreek.

The Source Books should arrive mid-October, and the Unit Reps will go to work shortly thereafter. An email from the homeowners association will keep residents updated on the progress.