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QCMGA Is Back!

QCMGA member, Bill Chapman, registering with Clay Harris and Martin Wibbenhorst for the first event on July 7.

Shel Zatkin, President, QCMGA The Quail Creek Men’s Golf Association started competition after a three month layoff because of restrictions relating to COVID-19.

QCMGA Scores

July 7 Flight 1: T1. Bill Sheppard / Scott Brannan -4 T1. Shel Zatkin / Doug Detman -4 3. Vance Gross / Tim Toon -3 Flight 2: 1. Larry Taylor / Tracey Austell -9 T2. Ron Hammond / Gaylord Lee -5 T2. Ralph Scafuri / Craig Parsons -5 T2. Randy Mathis / Gary Skinner -5…

The Third Shot Drop. Why Is It So Important?

David Zapatka The third shot drop is a shot performed near the baseline that lands softly in the opponents’ kitchen. The shot is designed with one thing in mind—get your team to the net. The mechanics of the third shot drop are simple. The ball sails up into the air and drops into the kitchen…

One-of-a-Kind Golfer

Jim Hart notched his 1,401st round on July 24 on the coyote course of shooting or beat his age of 89.

Tim Phillips Most retirees have great expectations of playing better golf once they have retired and can dedicate more time to improving their games. Age usually becomes a determining factor in seeing scores rise, and health issues begin to increase. But Jim Hart, at 89, is still performing at prodigious levels on an almost daily…