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Sisal… once known as the green gold of the Yucatan

Maya ruins and haciendas

Linda Stack-Chenok Many of you may be acquainted with sisal rugs. That really was my only reference point until I recently visited the Yucatan and delved into the interesting background and history of sisal production. Sisal, which comes from a certain type of agave plant (different from the one for tequila), was once called the…

QC TRIPS group travels to Kartchner Caverns

Joyce Clark A group of Quail Creekers went to Kartchner Caverns on December 3. Everyone was totally wowed by the sound and light show in the Throne Room in front of Kubla Khan, the largest limestone formation in Arizona. Sadly, photos are not permitted to be taken inside the caves.

Happy Birthday to you!

If you’re on this list be sure to stop by the Quail Creek Grill for your free Sunshine Dessert! Didn’t receive your ebirthday card? Changed your email address? Please take a moment and let me know. Call or text 444-2575 or send an email to [email protected] so you can be included on the list. A…