Candidates forum available on-line

Both meet the candidates events are now over for the 2016 POA Board of Directors election.

If you missed these events and would like to ask questions of the candidates you’re invited to use the 2016 Candidate Forum message board found on the Quail Creek POA website ( After logging in, the message board is found by going to Residents > Community Forums > 2016 Candidate Forum. Here you can ask questions of the candidates, see what questions other residents have posted and the responses from the candidates, and see statements from the candidates.

Being an informed voter is important as the person elected represents you and is your voice on the Board. Please take advantage of these opportunities to find out what the candidates’ views are before casting your vote. Voting takes place through 5:00 p.m. Arizona time on Friday, November 4. The ballot package mailed to property owners includes full instructions. Please follow those instructions carefully and completely. Questions may be emailed to [email protected]