Candidates for resident member of Quail Creek POA Board of Directors

John O’Rourke

I am a full-time resident of Quail Creek, having moved here with my wife in 2014 from Pennsylvania. Since then, I have closely followed the issues covered by the property owners association (POA) board, as well as attended occasional finance and green committee meetings. I currently serve as a unit representative, and in the past, I served on the food & beverage committee as well as the rules committee. I believe in being informed and involved.

I am well acquainted with the amenities that Quail Creek has to offer, and since my wife and I regularly dine in our restaurant, I am familiar with our food and beverage service. Playing golf on a weekly basis allows me to stay current on our golf amenities. I have also been a member of several clubs.

During my career, I was a vice president of human resources with large, multinational companies. This includes serving on executive teams with significant budget and personnel responsibilities. I have also served on the boards of several non-profit organizations and have volunteered locally with the Santa Rita Experiment Range and the Hummingbird Monitoring Network.

Our board needs proactive, resident members who can bring fresh ideas to improve Quail Creek while working collaboratively with the Robson-appointed members. I am committed to see that happen.

Working for a better Quail Creek! Top issues to be addressed:

• The continued enhancement of our food and beverage operations.

• Some of our current amenities are stretched too far during the winter months. Amenities are not keeping pace with new-home sales.

• Quail Creek is marketed as having “world-class resort amenities.” As such, our Madera Clubhouse needs a major facelift in the immediate future.

• As our community grows, we must balance fiscal responsibility with ensuring the proper upkeep of Quail Creek.

Jon Quinn

My wife and I have lived in Quail Creek for nine years, all of it as full-time residents. In those nine years, we have seen many, many changes — in the make-up of the Board, in the amenities built for us, in the many ways of communicating, and, of course, in the number of new homes and residents.

What does the future hold for all of us? More changes. With more changes, we need not only strong leadership at the Board Level, but we need Board members who have a deep knowledge of how our community is managed and who are already active in the community. I am that person.

Since I retired in 2014, I have become very involved in our wonderful community, serving as our Unit Rep Alternate, then as our Unit Rep for one year, and now as Unit Rep Committee Chair for the past four years. Additionally, I have served on the Finance Committee for the past year. All of this has given me a thorough understanding of not only how our community is managed, but what challenges we may face in the future.

Some of those challenges are obvious — such as more residents and more amenities. Some are not so obvious — such as the changing demographics of our residents.

My willingness to serve on the Board boils down to one reason. I love this wonderful community and I want to give back to ensure it is wonderful in the future.

I’m not a politician. I am a worker and a doer. I will not be posting signs and I will not be knocking on doors or making phone calls. I am running for the Board on my reputation. Please vote for me.

Donna Smith

My name is Donna Smith. In 2010, we started looking in Tucson for a place to retire. We were shown Quail Creek and were immediately impressed with facilities, people and the willingness to make us feel at home. In 2012, we moved into our home in Quail Creek. Previously, we were at Edwards Air Force Base for 20 years where I worked in the Financial Directorate of the Flight Test Center, retiring as director of finance with a budget exceeding $500 Million. My responsibilities included managing people, test budgets and reimbursements, and building and maintenance budgets for eight divisions. Prior to that, I managed a full-service restaurant for several years.

As a full-time resident at Quail Creek, I am involved in many community activities. I am the unit representative for Unit 9, a member of the Quail Creek Performing Arts Guild, and play cards and mahjongg with several different groups. Previously, I served as a member of the finance committee for three years.

I am running for election to the property owners association (POA) board to be a voice for the residents and maintain and improve the facilities to ensure quality of life at Quail Creek. In my role as director of finance for the test wing, I listened to management and guided people in the test wing to make sound budget decisions. I feel I can do similar things, if elected to the POA board.

My husband and I are active here at Quail Creek and would like to see the POA board continue to develop and build the many clubs and activities that are offered to the residents.

Paula Thomason

As a full-time resident of Quail Creek, I am asking for your support as I seek to fill the vacant property owners association (POA) board of directors position for our community. I am a retired teacher of 20 years. Currently, I am doing some contract school work with student teachers. It is a passion of mine to see young people become contributing members of our society, and what better way than to have strong, capable teachers.

My husband and I moved to Quail Creek two years ago from Kentucky. The community is such a breath of fresh air. The people, the activities, and, of course, the sunshine! It’s like a permanent vacation. We have two children, Ryan and Drew.

While I have never served on the Quail Creek board, I have served on several non-profit boards in the past. I was also a member of the Danville Country Club board of directors in Danville, KY.

There are many reasons that I seek to serve, one being to contribute to the community in which I live. I believe that by participating, you become more aware of the community itself, the way it operates, and then you are able to help solve community issues. We live in a wonderful community, which I think can be made better. We are a diverse group of people with many ideas that should be looked at. With people moving in monthly, I can only see our community growing and being better than ever.

I am a true “southern girl” at heart, I yell at football games, and say “bless your heart,” but don’t hold that against me!

Things to focus on:

• To ensure newly planned upgrades of our facilities are transparent to owners as well as completed in a timely manner.

• Common grounds as well as golf course landscaping is kept to the same standards as homeowners.

• Ensure all sports activities are supported.

• Make Quail Creek more amazing than it already is by working for the better good for all.

• Continue, as well as possibly increase, amazing entertainment at the Grill.