CACT security surveillance


Examples of the view from this system.

Perhaps you’ve noticed. Maybe you haven’t. Changes are coming to the Creative Arts and Technology Center (CATC). Due to recent events at the center, we have been implementing some security changes. Multiple cameras have been installed inside and outside the CATC to watch and record activity at the site.
In conjunction with and supporting the Property Owners Association, members of the Quail Creek Computer Club (QCCC) have installed and are testing a video surveillance system. This system has come to fruition through the generosity of QCCC club members. It is estimated that the value of the components and labor involved with this installation is in excess of $26,000. With the knowledge and skills provided by QCCC members, the equipment and labor provided by members of the QCCC have minimized the cost of this system to about one tenth the street value of these items.
Examples of this working technology were shown at the QCCC Open House on Saturday, January 12, 2019.