Writers and Poets Club

David Bareiss and Nancy Strom display their published books for sale at the annual Quail Creek Arts and Crafts Festival on April 13, 2024.

Members of the QC Writers and Poets Club produce an astonishing number of books, including children’s literature, novels, poetry, and memoirs. Most publish through Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon.com, although some have contracts with traditional publishers. Help is available for new authors from club members with lots of experience.

A partial list of recent publications from QC writers is below. Many are available in the Madera Library for two-week checkouts.

David Bareiss: Sixth Coin. The sixth in a series of sea, air, and land action novels featuring a humble, heroic family.

Linda Beal, editor: The Power of Pets. Linda originated the idea for and edited the final copy of the first collaboration of 22 Quail Creek writers into a book about our pets of yesterday and today.

Jim Elliott (and James Elliott): The Preposterous Platypus Murders. Jim’s completion of a fascinating mystery novel set in the 1980s and started by his father.

Mark Hester: A Sterling Life: John Danz, Seattle Theatre Pioneer, and a Grandson’s Journey. Exploring his family ancestry, the author makes surprising discoveries about his fascinating grandfather and his own family heritage.

John C. Murphy: Aquatic Snakes, Diversity, and Natural History. His 10th scientific research tome on amphibians and reptiles throughout the world.

John’s forthcoming book is of local interest: Quest of the Trogon, a Natural History of Madera Canyon and The Santa Ritas (tentative title).

Charlie Pattinian: Ending My Prayers with Phew! Hilarious adventures of a bored corporate executive whose midlife crisis led him “to explore the last frontiers of South America … I found that taking chances is the only way to leave this world fully alive.”

Paul Riggins: Relentlessly Being: Short Stories About Sweet Dreams. A prolific fabulist and poet, he will soon publish his 11th book since retiring as a professor of education. Dr. Riggins is co-founder and President Emeritus of the QC Writers and Poets Club.

Robert Rietschel: Rainy Afternoon Stories. The sixth collection of Rietschelian short stories range from medical knowledge to philosophical speculation and from fantasy fiction to personal anecdotes.

Carl Rohne: I Can Do This!: RVing Where the Moose and Caribou Play. Newly married writers Rohne and Smith (see below) travel through Alaskan-Canadian wilderness with their chihuahua Smokey to get to know one another better while having an adventurous honeymoon.

Sandra CH Smith: Out of the Fog. Before marrying Carl, Sandra sought a solo adventure, buying a 35-foot sailboat to traverse California to South America for seven years, although she had never sailed before. Her sequel, Into the Light, will be published soon.

Nancy Strom: Scooter and Friends Take a Vacation. This rhyming fable delights both children and adults. Scooter, a red fox, leads his forest friends on a series of adventures where all learn and grow while working as a team. Nancy is currently writing a sequel of Scooter’s further escapades.

Jerry Tinsley: A Good Poem. A variety of styles of poetry with a central theme of retirement in Arizona.

Annabelle Winfrey: Roots and Verses: A Chronicle of Family Tales. Nine-decade memoir highlighting various famous (and infamous) characters the author encountered, mixed with amusing family history.

Randall T. Wisdom: I Just Want to Be Healthy When I Die! Dr. Randy dispenses “wisdom” to his patients and friends in Arkansas Ozark mountains while collecting anecdotes from them. His second book, written with Paul Riggins, Sayin and Meanin: Humor and Wisdom of Deep Mountain Folk, will soon be published.

Nearly all books are available on Amazon.com. More information is at QCWAP.org.