What’s Really Happening on the Southern Border?

Marybeth Bates

A year ago, Alyson Ball spoke at the Democratic Club of Quail Creek’s February meeting. She gave a fact-based presentation and led a discussion on the history of U.S. immigration.

Do you wonder whether the U.S. has a humanitarian crisis, a politically-charged disaster, or a national emergency at our southern border? Would you like to understand more about what’s currently happening there?

Join us for another presentation about the U.S.-Mexican border, asylum-seekers, and some of the recent changes the U.S. government has made to the immigration laws that affect northbound migrants.

Alyson Ball is a resident of Charlottesville, Virginia who spends her winters in Green Valley, Arizona. Having studied the broader topic of U.S. immigration, Alyson gives a non-political, educational presentation, “U.S. Immigration – The Basics,” to audiences throughout the country.

Alyson Ball holds a BA from Cornell, an MBA from Wharton, and spent her career in marketing and international business. After retiring, Alyson volunteered as a troubleshooter for an international microfinance organization. After moving to Charlottesville in 2003, she created a company that consulted with and taught best practices to nonprofit boards. Currently, Alyson volunteers with the Charlottesville International Rescue Committee, giving presentations about refugees throughout central Virginia. Now that she spends winters in Green Valley, Arizona (near the Mexican border) Alyson has studied U.S. immigration for over four years and has created this presentation to inform the general public of our U.S. immigration, laws, history, and procedures.

We invite you to hear Alyson Ball at the Democratic Club of Quail Creek’s meeting on Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020 at 3 p.m. in the Silver Room in the Madera Clubhouse.