Wednesday Bridge Club news

Robert Wendland

Every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. between 16 and 52 players convene to play Chicago-style Bridge with five rounds of four hands each before changing tables and partners. Starting in November, however, things will start to change.

Introducing Mixed Team Duplicate

On November 18 the club will introduce an option to play Mixed Team Duplicate on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Players who want to play Chicago-style may continue to do so. In fact, if four players just want to play Rubber Bridge all afternoon, they may do so as well. But Mixed Team Duplicate avoids playing with one partner all afternoon; it avoids winning based on the luck of the draw and finally it allows control over the choice of partners for those players who sign up as a team.

Mixed Team Duplicate is limited to 16 players in a match. With more than 16 players, a larger group must be broken up into smaller groups. A Mixed Team consists of four teammates. Players may form assembled teams by agreement, signing up as a group. Players may also play in unassembled teams, signing up individually. In a match, each team plays against each other team.

A match is a competition of two, three or four teams which consists of three rounds of play. For each round, each numbered teammate plays with a different numbered teammate.

In Round 1, 1 will play with 2 and 3 will play with 4

In Round 2, 1 will play with 3 and 2 will play with 4

In Round 3, 1 will play with 4 and 3 will play with 2

Each round consist of four to eight hands (depending on time available, the number of tables and speed of play), using duplicate boards with two teammates playing NS at one table and the other two teammates playing EW at another table.

Boards for each round for each match are placed on a service table with the boards available for selection after each board is played. The order in which the boards are played is not important as long as the score for each board is recorded correctly on the score sheet for the round.

After each round, each Team Captain will total the team NS and EW scores for each hand. Teams receive one point for each other team they beat for each hand.

Moving to the Kino Conference Center

Another big change for the club starts in 2016. Starting January 1, 2016, the Wednesday Bridge Club will play in the Kino Conference Center main room. The Kino Center is the remodeled arts and crafts building next to the Pro Shop.

The Wednesday Bridge Club is open to all Quail Creek residents, renters and guests. Play is casual with most players using some variation of Standard American Yellow Card conventions. Players must sign up in the Madera Clubhouse at least 24 hours in advance. For more information contact Bob Wendland at [email protected].