We love our employees!

Connie Bandstra

To each and every Quail Creek resident, we ask you to take a moment to reflect upon the services provided by our Property Owners Association (POA) employees and their contributions to the great lifestyle afforded by our community. It is that time of year when we look forward to giving thanks and celebrating the people who make a difference in our lives. As part of this season of gratitude, we will host the 12th annual Employee Appreciation Event on Monday, Dec. 2 in the Madera Clubhouse Ballroom. As in the past, you are invited to attend the gift card distribution portion of the evening (starting at 4 p.m.), but the remainder of the evening belongs solely to our employees as they enjoy a wonderful dinner and the camaraderie of their peers.

At the event, each employee will receive a gift card paid for by your donations and a dinner cooked by our chef and his staff. Employee gift card amounts will be determined by their hours of service in 2019 and by the generosity of your donations. Last year we raised $29,465 for gift cards distributed to 204 employees.

For your convenience, Employee Appreciation Event donation boxes are located at the concierge desk, the Anza Fitness Center, the pro shop and The Grill. Please make your contribution as soon as possible so the amount available for the gift cards can be determined. Checks should be made payable to OCEAE.

So, think about the outstanding service you receive from our hardworking employees. Remember that in addition to those who you see regularly, there are many who are working behind the scenes to help make your Quail Creek experience wonderful. They all represent the critical element of smooth daily operations here at Quail Creek.

Thank you in advance for supporting this event. From past experience, we can attest to the fact that our employees are extremely grateful to have their efforts recognized in this way. Please give as generously as you can.