Vote! Vote! Vote!

Marybeth Bates

Voting is one of the most important privileges an American citizen has. It is both a privilege and a responsibility.

The Democratic Club of Quail Creek is delighted to host Eduardo Sainz, Arizona State Director of Mi Familia Vota, at our September 19 Zoom-in at 3 p.m.

This election, Latinos will make up 13.3% of all eligible voters—the largest percentage in a presidential election to date. And with so much on the line, it’s never been more important to make sure Latino communities are registered to vote and turnout in large numbers (Mi Familia Vota). Please join us to hear from Mi Familia Vota, an organization that works in Arizona and five other battleground states, to engage Latinos in our democratic process. The Arizona field program has registered over 15,000 Latino voters to date, and is focused on increasing turnout in November through calls, texts, and safe household visits. They are also engaging hundreds of thousands of Latino voters digitally through their #BastaTrump Campaign and through a unique partnership with Spanish language television, Univision. Please join us on September 19, at 3 p.m., to learn more.

To join the meeting, go to the website for the meeting announcement. Zoom sign on information will be posted there shortly before the meeting date. Come Zoom with us on September 19, and learn about Mi Familia Vota!