Use Your “Noodle,” Stay Safe!

Kathi Urban Bobillot

Hopefully, soon phrases like “wear a mask” and “social distancing” will be replaced with dance instructors’ favorites montras: “watch your posture” and “one more time.”

Private lessons (one person or one couple), semi-private lessons (two or more couples), and group classes will resume as soon as possible.

Mostly likely, private lessons will be approved first.

Choose from ballroom (foxtrot, waltz, tango, or Viennese waltz), latin (salsa, cha cha, rumba, samba, mambo, or merengue), swing (east coast: single time & triple time or west coast), country (Texas 2-step, 10-step, or cowboy cha cha), or club style (4-count, hustle, or nightclub 2-step).

Please check my website for the latest information at or contact me at [email protected].