TWOQC to Sponsor a Teachers’ Supplies Shower

Photo by Barb Hunsinger

Peggy McGee

The Women of Quail Creek (TWOQC) will be collecting donations of supplies needed by teachers who work with children in local middle schools. Anyone who has been a teacher or married to a teacher knows just how many out-of-pocket expenses teachers pay each school year to keep their classes running smoothly. It is generally far more than the $250 adjustment they can take on their federal tax returns. The collection period will run from July 20 through Aug. 11.

Some of the items needed include:

Dry erase markers

Dry erase board cleaner

Dry erase board erasers

Colored pencils


Pens (blue, black, and red)

Watercolor palette with brushes

Post-It notes

Binder clips

Spiral notebooks

Legal pads

Printer paper

No. 2 pencils

File folders

Staplers and staples


Paper towels

Desk cleaner

Lysol wipes

Hand sanitizer


Scotch tape

Three-ring hole punch

Gift cards (e.g., Fry’s, Safeway, Walmart, Target, Staples)

Coffee gift cards

There will be a box in the Madera Clubhouse for residents to drop off donations between July 21 and 30. Items may also be taken to 2197 E. Desert Squirrel Court at any time up until Aug. 11.

Until they see just how many donations they receive, TWOQC cannot determine which schools will be “showered” with supplies desperately needed by the teachers. The club hopes that residents will recognize the need and will generously purchase the needed items. Note: local stores start putting many of the requested items on sale in mid-July.

Please remember that the club is asking for supplies that the teachers need, not for the students. In addition to the listed supplies, the club will also accept monetary donations to enable them to purchase additional necessities as needed.

Thanks to all for your generosity.