TWOQC Showers Local Teachers

Left to right: Shireen Kolarik, Jane Reichert, Roxanne Housley, and Sue Hoeffel with the edible treats for the teachers. Shower organizer Paula Thomason, Holly Crombie, and Pat Holmes were unable to attend the shower but did behind-the-scenes work leading up to shower day. (Photo by Barb Hunsinger)

Peggy McGee

After a couple months of planning and three weeks of collecting needed supplies, The Women Of Quail Creek (TWOQC) Community Outreach Committee held a surprise shower for 21 teachers at the Continental Elementary School. The teachers had been told to meet in the Community Board Room at the school at 1 p.m. There they were greeted with shouts of “surprise.” And they were totally amazed at seeing 44 large bags of supplies, two for each of them. The star-studded bag contained needed items like 3-hole punches, scissors, pens, markers, dry erase kits, staplers, and more, while the other bag held more practical items such as copy paper, paper towels, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, and wipes. Each teacher also received a Starbucks gift card.

Before they left to return to their respective classrooms, the teachers enjoyed some carrot cake and an Arnold Palmer.

The Outreach Committee wishes to thank the many Quail Creek residents who donated school supplies or cash that enabled the purchase of needed items to ensure each teacher got the same types of items.

Continental School District Superintendent Roxana Rico said this was the first time that an outside group had ever showered the teachers in the school’s 106-year history.